Thursday, May 10, 2012

Best Dressed at the Met Ball 2012.

I must say that my days this week have really been lacking in the glamour department. Just last weekend, I had a feeling that I was right on the edge of a major style slump (this self-imposed "budget" is killing me), when blam (totally just yelled this is my head) The Met Gala hit! (Relive last years by clicking here.

Although my daily work wear doesn't fall anywhere close to what the fab ladies above are wearing, it's definitely given me the push to stop wearing my go-to J Brand jeans every. single. day. But the real debate around the office (not involving my inability to pick a cute outfit this week) has been who was deserving of the best dressed title at this years Met Ball. And you know I had an opinion on that. Keep reading after the jump to see my favorite for this year! File as too much

[Images via: All over, bitches]

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