Monday, February 28, 2011

Art Eye.

If there is one extravagance I don't think I could live without it would be a glossy magazine. I love the anticipation of waiting for a new issue every month and the feeling I get of exploring each of the beautiful images, yet more and more magazines are being replaced by their digital counterparts or dying off. The graveyard is growing and to me, it's shocking to believe that I might not be able to hold my glossy lovely in a few years. The artist Lauren DiCioccio meditates on this idea of current media replacing our sense of literally touching information in her series that transforms typical magazine pages of Vogue and Vanity Fair into colorful rainbows. I can't wait to get my hands on one of her larger prints; check out two more of her pieces after the jump and also where to buy them. File this one as my new art obsession.

Color Flash.

It’s only the beginning of the week and I’m already more than a little stressed out. So to perk myself up I browsed through my files hoping to find something that would inspire me to not skip my classes. My solution: a shot of bright pink. I mean, how could you not be cheerful with a hot pink wall in your entryway or wearing a hot pink suit? Charlotte Free (model of the minute) went so far as to put the color on her head. Alas, until I have a place that isn’t rented or a job that allows me to wear such extravagant colors I’ll be happy to settle on a pink Prada fur poof or a pink dining table, any day of the week. Check out the more realistic options after the jump. File as another Monday. 

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Oscar Gold.

With the Oscars coming up tomorrow, I thought it fitting to focus on the black-tie gowns that us mortals wear on only a few occasions in our lives. (Count em, prom and weddings are all we have.) Yet, the fashion world and the commercial red carpet have long been at odds with one another. Most high fashion critics find the gowns to be too safe, bland and pageant like while the tabloids will rip a celebrity to shreds over one that is too "avant-garde."

But today I'd like to propose a cease fire between the two, if not for just a few hours tomorrow. Let me introduce Marchesa, a name synonymous with the red carpet and all-out Hollywood glamour. Georgina Chapman and Karen Craig have been creating outstanding gowns that defy gravity and challenge the tired strapless princess gown for the past few seasons while in the meantime outfitting some very lucky celebs. And with Harvey Weinstein (the mega-producer) as Chapman's husband, there is no doubt that Marchesa will be able to produce some pure Oscar gold for the ladies who wear it.

Dining In.

Living in apartments well under one thousand square feet has not allowed me the privilege to have a kitchen much larger than a matchbook so it comes as no surprise that I am ecstatic about the idea of one day having one big enough to fit a table, some chairs and possibly even (gasp!) a bench. Whether it's a farmhouse table with some vintage chairs thrown around, an island to rest my elbows on or just a small nook complete with a table and comfortable bench, I've always been fond of sitting next to the warm oven and dining in...even if I am eating take-out. File under my future kitchen.

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Friday, February 25, 2011

Best of LFW Fall 2011

London Fashion Week came and went quicker than the flight from New York takes to get there, and although the collections seemed to be lacking any true standout winner (let's face it, Burberry does have outerwear down to a science) I found 6 looks that I could really latch onto for this coming fall. I found myself gravitating towards those that played with spring brights muted down for the always drab winter weather or the purple and blue tones more associated with royalty. File under do as the Brits do. Check out the complete list of looks after the jump...

Get Lost in Venice.

Venice is a fabulous place to completely lose yourself in and is the perfect getaway I could imagine for this weekend. I was there for only a day and my plans were delayed a bit because of a summer rainstorm, but it really was one of the most beautiful cities in the world. It made me realize that boats are a much sexier mode of transportation than cars. Don’t even bother trying to use a map; the best way to explore the city is to just get lost. Check out my to-do list after the jump. File under go before it disappears.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Top Shots LFW Fall 2011.

Head to toe Burberry. Well done love.

I'm loving the etherial light in this picture. 

Could her pants be any more fabulous?

I could never tire of these YSL pumps.

The effect of all the girls at Christopher Kane's show together is simply magnificent.

Outside the Burberry show. I'm totally adopting this look.

Charlotte Free at Vivienne Westwood. Only in London.

Glamorous, even in the rain.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Art Eye.

Remember those paint-by-numbers from childhood? Well they just got a lot more sophisticated with Trey Speegle's YES (You Complete the Picture) which includes the architecturally stunning Arc de Triomphe juxtaposed behind one of the most powerful words in any language, yes. The original paint-by-numbers served as a backdrop to Stella McCartney's 2009 fashion show which is why I found it as a perfect art focus during London Fashion Week. In the lower left of the composition, Speegle references the designer with the La McCartney shop sign. High quality prints start at $20, which you can order here. File as purchase immediately. 

[Image Via: 20x200]

Top Looks NYFW Fall 2011

New York Fashion Week came to a close last Thursday, and to say that it was an exciting season would be the understatement of the year. I've always preferred the spring shows probably because I grew up in a climate that rarely went lower than 80 degrees year-round and I'd much rather wear a light summery dress than an oversized sweater any day. But this season might have converted me into an autumn. Many of the designers showed an array of colors from all sections of the rainbow while others chose to focus on all the fabulous shades of grey and black that exist. Here I chose my top dozen looks from the season, with a complete list of the lineup after the jump. Overall though, I think the designers showed a continuation of truly wearable, flattering separates along with the injection of unique, special pieces to update even the most basic of wardrobes. File as next autumn. 

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Step away from the futon.

I would consider myself an expert when it comes to living in studio apartments, and I absolutely love having as little space as possible. Sure, I know it sounds insane and it does require some creative storage solutions, but how much space does one person really need? I think Simone at Tiny-Ass Apartment would agree with me. What makes all these studios gorgeous is their restrained color palettes, clean floors, military-like organization, lots of bright natural light and a touch of something unexpected: from a beanbag, yellow blanket, black lampshades, mammoth mirror or curtained off daybed. Check out the breakdown after the jump...

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Escape to Madrid.

To kick off my first travel post I wanted to pick a vacation location that would truly be an escape for the nice long weekend and also a place that has given me a huge amount of inspiration. So this weekend, I'm dying to return to one of my favorite places in the world, the capital of Spain: Madrid. Although I only got to spend a few days there, it was plenty of time to soak up the unparalleled culture, ridiculously yummy tapas, unlimited amounts of sangria and some of the best curated museums in the world. I don't think I've ever wanted to visit a place so badly in my life, and it was everything that I imagined it to be. Hope you enjoy this escape as much as I did. Check out my itinerary after the jump. File this under this year's to do list.

Top shots NYFW Fall 2011.

My personal favorite.

Victoria Beckham's show.

Stunning coat and perfect bun. Adore. 

What a combo, a utilitarian jacket with Hermes. No longer an oxymoron.

Just fabulous. Anna dello Russo in her finest. 

Hilarious. I always wanted to be taller than the boys.

The other amazing Anna, this time without her bodyguards.

Karlie Kloss, model of the moment, too cool for school.

Art Eye.

For the inaugural post of my weekly art series I wanted to begin with an artist who captured beautiful images that are irresistible. Meet Sharon Montrose, a Los Angeles based photographer who is well-known for her adorable portraits of animals, both domesticated and wild. I've completely fallen in love with both the Baby Monkey No. 6 and Baby Giraffe No. 5. Even better, she has high-quality prints available starting at $20. Click here to see more of her work and order them before they all sell out. File this one under awesome gift. 

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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Top Couture Spring 2011

Even though the designers at Lincoln Center in NYC are showing for fall, it wasn't that long ago that the famed couturiers in Europe were sending theirs down the runway for spring. Here is a roundup of my favorite looks from the season, including all the greats.

Starting at the top left and moving to the right, I loved Armani's futuristic gladiator gown, Elie Saab's magical lavender lace gown, Givenchy's restrained pink gown and Gaultier's irreverent combination of a prim evening dress with a mohawk. On the bottom row starting on the left I have Dior's fantastic pink pencil skirt, Chanel's layered nonchalance of an outfit, Valentino's perfection of a cocktail dress, and another of Chanel's lovely looks. File this one under couture envy.

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Tuesday, February 15, 2011


Inspired by all the fabulous clothing at New York Fashion Week, I've found it impossible not to notice the connection between runway and home decor right now. The Olsen sisters always do an impeccable job with The Row, but this year's collection was simply over-the-top drama for me. I loved every single fur, loafer and pant they sent down the runway. The textured red tones translate into the home seamlessly. File this one under my new fall look for home and myself.

Images via:, Elle Decor

Stripe Tease

Black and white stripes have been teasing me for years to use them in my many apartments. After failing on many attempts including a small rug from Ikea that remained in my closet for about a year and a half, I think I've finally come to accept black and white stripes for they best use: as a room anchor. Whether under a coffee table, painted on chairs, or thrown over a bed black and white stripes add a sense of youthfulness and bohemian quality to any room. File this one under my next project.

[Images via: LonnyMag, Apartment TherapyLonnyMag]

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Numero Uno.

Ciao! And welcome to the.margaret.files., a compilation of all the inspiring little things I come across every day. You can expect to see here many different posts ranging from art, fashion, food, home d├ęcor, and travel. I hope that you enjoy my creation and explore for beautiful things along with me. 

[Photo Via: Elle]
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