Saturday, September 21, 2013

Bath Time.

Acting as a one woman incubus for the viral plague (JK, but not really; *sniffle*) I've spent a considerable amount of time these past few days going back and forth to my bathroom (why I don't just bring the tissue box into my room, I'm still not sure) and let's just say after too many hours of that combined with a massive Pin Binge, I had an epiphany about my home priorities. Here goes: the majority of my day is spent at work (not perusing Instagram all day) and the little time that I am at home, it's spent either in the bathroom or at my vanity getting ready in the morning, or taking a deliciously long bath or shower before I crawl into bed. Now, that's a lot of time in my minuscule excuse for a bathroom (hey, it has a window!) so what's the harm on splurging on a bathroom accessory that makes everything that much more lovely? Enter: the Missoni bath towel. You will be mine someday, and you will love whatever bathroom I put you in. File as Italian dreams.

[Image via: These people's home. Jerks.]

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