Sunday, February 9, 2014

Home is Where the Heart Is.

One of the projects that I feel I'm always tragically failing at has to be to bring more art into my home. While my last two places in Berkeley each had their own rotating gallery walls and a few DIY hangings, this newer (and by new I mean I've lived here for almost 14 months now...) place didn't quite get the same wall art love. I've put up a few finds from Melrose Trading Post, but it's still not the curated collection that I've dreamt it to be.

And with Valentine's day right around the corner (hashtag treating self) I'm feeling totally inspired to add a few more pieces to my walls. Whether it be one of the perfectly adorable art prints from Minted (fave new find for when you're feeling Etsy-ed out) or a 3 dimensional DIY install like the heart above (via Minted's equally lovely blog Julep) it'll be the perfect way to show my place a little love. File as home, sugar.

[Images via: Julep]

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