Saturday, February 19, 2011

Step away from the futon.

I would consider myself an expert when it comes to living in studio apartments, and I absolutely love having as little space as possible. Sure, I know it sounds insane and it does require some creative storage solutions, but how much space does one person really need? I think Simone at Tiny-Ass Apartment would agree with me. What makes all these studios gorgeous is their restrained color palettes, clean floors, military-like organization, lots of bright natural light and a touch of something unexpected: from a beanbag, yellow blanket, black lampshades, mammoth mirror or curtained off daybed. Check out the breakdown after the jump...

Cons: Cramped when there is more than two people, awkward when your guests don't know if they can sit on the bed or not, smelly kitchen, one word: futons. 

Pros: Less space to clean, cheaper utility bills, knowing exactly where everything is, being only steps away from the fridge and my favorite part, tackling all the decor issues (call me crazy, I love it). File it under my next tiny-ass studio.

[Images via: Lonny Mag, Apartment Therapy x4]

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  1. Love love love this post! I can definitely relate to a tiny ass apartment haha! Thanks for sharing these gorgeous pics & inspiration. xo


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