Saturday, July 7, 2012

--------Balmain Resort 2013--------

I'm having this newfound obsession with super full mini-skirts that are reminiscent of a ball gown chopped off mid-thigh (go figure) and Balmain's leather version for resort 2013 may be my favorite just yet. Alas, the one (or maybe two) dresses on Asos that mimic that full skirted fabulousness (see them here and here) are of course sold out in my size (not to mention I have no money to spend on such frivolous purchases.) But I haven't give up just yet...come the end of summer I'm hoping to have a better hold on my finances, a larger closet to put my clothes in and a fuller skirt to stick these stems in. File as full on.

[Images via: Vogue.IT]


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