Tuesday, July 17, 2012

ApartmentPhile: My Next Place Option III.

My boss got me thinking today. Not just about the massive to-do list I have looming over my head this week, but also about my current home situation. Instead of contemplating if the coupons were finished printing I had my mind wrapped up in duvets, chaises, and directional storage options. (Call it a job hazard if you like, but my mind often wanders to these places, unguided.) So her quest reminded me of my quest to decide my next apartment style whether it be funky, boho and super luxe like option two or chic, masculine and rich like option one. Now, I have another option to throw into the mix. It's a little less cold as the first option, a little more girly than the second and a whole lot closer to what I'm used to. Hey, I've been a single gal living on my own for quite some time...a little pink never hurt anyone. File as another choice.

[Images all via Pinterest, links to follow]

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