Thursday, October 25, 2012

Celebration Station.

Wonderful, amazing, spectacular news that I officially want to break today to the world (this is my version of shouting it from the rooftops): I've just accepted a new position within Forever 21, finally found an apartment that is the perfect fit, and am spending this weekend in Seattle to celebrate with someone that I maybe, might-be, majorly crushing on. Seriously, what is going on?! I think that my mind is still in shock-mode from getting the surprise of my career the Monday I returned from Montreal and was offered a role that I only ever dreamed of having. (My father believes that I should get a part-time gig to go along with it since according to him blogging and instagramming is "not a real job.") But that doesn't overshadow the roller-coaster ride of apartment hunting for the last oh, 6 months (actual time, 3 weeks) and, the fact that I finally found a place that doesn't make me want to hurl. So, this weekend I'll be celebrating with some old friends, and a few new ones in Seattle, taking a break from all the LA sunshine and enjoying all the perks of my Heavenly Bed. File as somebody pinch me.

P.S. Stay tuned for lots and lots of home decor posts while I decorate my new abode! 

[Pumps via: Valentino via Moda Operandi...can I have you, please?]

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