Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Louis Vuitton Spring 2012.

Who doesn't love clothes as pretty as these? Marc Jacobs may be the most talked about designer right now (is he or isn't he going to Christian Dior?) but his collection for Louis Vuitton this season was the icing on the cake of the lovely girly trend that was seen all around New York, London, Milan and Paris. Although a clear contradiction from last season's fetish mistresses, this time around it was less about outright sexiness and more about a sweet strength. The whips may have been replaced with umbrellas, the cuffed clutches with bags as light as a feather and dominatrix hats with tiaras, but Kate Moss was still his finale, this time sans cigarette and all tanned and leggy. Looking pretty never looked so good. See the complete runway video over at and file as sweet tooth.

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  1. i love this collection!!!

    scrolling through your blog and your collection and fashion week coverage is awesome :)


  2. Love this LV collection too! Thanks for the sweet words! :)


  3. Marc rarely disappoints. So sweet and girly. Forget Chanel for my bday, i now covet the pale blue bag in the bottom left pic. Gotta have it!

  4. Oh, just wait until you see the Chanel show!

    xo. Margaret


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