Tuesday, June 7, 2011

A Day at the Museum.

Today I'm feeling terribly inspired, probably in part because of the CFDA Awards yesterday, my visit to SFMOMA and a last-minute movie with an old friend to the totally charming Midnight in Paris (go see  immediately, if not sooner.) This week I'll be putting together some fabulous new posts inspired by my Monday Funday including best dressed from the CFDA Awards, a limited edition print you'll be dying to pick up, the best of the resort collections for 2012 (traveling into the future for this one), my current home decor obsession as well as more on the totally overwhelming Stein exhibit at the museum. Ok so there is quite a lot coming up this week, but what can I say...I really was that inspired! Check out the postcards I picked up from the gift shop above and file this one as stay tuned.  

[Images via: Postcards of Clyfford Still, Untitled; Roy Lichtenstein, Live Ammo ("Tzing!"); Ellsworth Kelly, Red White; Andy Warhol, Triple Elvis; Henri Matisse, Flowers]


  1. Cannot wait to hear about your trip to SFMOMA! Not sure when we will be going, but soon I hope!

  2. I was so affected by it that I'm thinking I might go back again!


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