Saturday, May 7, 2011

Art Eye: Eccentric Glamour.

Simon Doonan of Barney's New York has always been quite the eccentric Brit, and it's no wonder that him and husband Jonathan Adler are so in love. I mean, could you imagine the conversations they have about style? Passions aside, this limited-edition print (available for purchase ranging from $25 to $1000 depending on the size) is the cover art of Doonan's personal style-guide Eccentric Glamour, one that I'll have to pick up next time I'm at the bookstore. File under fabulous.

[Image via: 20x200]


  1. That print screams Jeannie - Out on the Town! We love Simon and Jonathan! Thanks, M.

  2. Me too...They are fabulous! Can't wait to pick up Simon's book for a fun summer read!


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