Tuesday, December 13, 2011

My Elizabeth Taylor.

For jewel devotees and pop-culture followers alike this week is one to be remembered. That's right, it's Christie's week-long auction of the estate of Elizabeth Taylor, a woman whom I will always remember from a little chuckle I had with a (then-)boyfriend while standing in front of her engagement ring at the Cartier exhibition at San Francisco's De Young Museum a few years ago. He, after shockingly expressing his interest to tag along, seemed unimpressed by the size of the ring (one of the last pieces in the exhibition mind you) and felt it necessary for me to hold my finger up next to it just to prove his point. While the ring fetched somewhere around $7mill. at the auction block tonight, I still stand by my assertion that it was pretty sizable rock.

Speaking of which, you can stay tuned all week (like yours truly) and watch live on Christie's website to get in on all the auction action. Although Ms. Taylor may be gone, one things for sure- this woman had a seriously, insanely gorgeous collection of baubles. File as sparkle, sparkle.

[Image and quote via: Pinterest, combined by me]

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