Monday, March 5, 2012

It G uy: Milan Vukmirovic.

All right, so I know I promised you tons (and tons) of posts this weekend about LFW, but hey, I was coming off my first week of my first corporate job and let's just say getting out of bed the past few days was more difficult than I would have imagined. But I'm back to my regular self now, perhaps a bit less sleepy and a little more energized so I wanted to start the week off with something I don't normally do....that would be focus on the guys for a change (ha.) So this week (as per request from a lovely and very stylish coworker) I decided on an It Guy because who says boys can't have just as much fun as girls with their looks. Rarely photographed from the waist down (I mean, just look at that face) or standing still for that matter, Mr. Milan Vukmirovic could be accurately described as a jack of all trades. Co-founder and buyer at Colette (aka Parisian fashion Mecca,) design director for Gucci under the Tom Ford, former creative director at Jil Sander, chief editor (and photographer and stylist) at L'Officiel Hommes, current creative director at Trussardi 1911- the list of jobs this man has successfully had goes on and on. But what I love about him most is his boldness to rock a joutfit (that's jean-outfit to those who don't know) like it's no one's business and still look entirely too sexy, making him the official It Guy for the week! File as working it.

[Images via: Monsieur Got Style via Tommy Ton, Phil Oh and The Sartorialist; quotes via Vogue Italia]

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