Thursday, June 2, 2011

Color me Pretty.

There is nothing I'd rather do in life than be able to travel the world and explore each and every continent, (look to my Ultimate Destination posts to virtually travel to each one with me) but for now international travel isn't exactly in my budget. Instead I'll have to rely on these stunning photographs by Stuart Klipper, available for purchase on 20x200 to inspire style choices in the rest of my life. These photos are evidence of the fact that even though the world may be a big and scary place, it is also a very beautiful one that can be inspire us in all sorts of ways. File under dreaming on.

[Images via: artwork by Stuart Klipper, home via Elle Decor x2 and Flickr, fashion via Tommy Ton, Purse Blog]


  1. Really nice combinations of Nature - Home - Fashion - the Ice Boat vignette is our favorite.

  2. Thank you! I'm partial to the blues, but part of me just can't resist that lonely little penguin.


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