Saturday, April 14, 2012

Getaway: Palm Springs.

OK, so I may not be at Coachella this weekend with basically everyone else who lives in Southern California, but next weekend I will be down in Indio at the KROQ house (many, many outfits must be scouted). So I figured it was no better weekend to share this gem of a hotel in Palm Springs (just a stone's throw away from the music fest) which is quite possibly the most lovely design element down in the area. The Saguaro, designed around 12 colors found in desert wildflowers, is the perfect mix of kitsch and modernity with a whole load of intensity. And the extra kick? The salivatingly delicious looking menus at Tinto and El Jefe (both of Iron Chef and James Beard winner Jose Garces) that would make me never want to leave the property. Now if only I could pick which color balcony, than I'd be booking my room immediately. File as bright!

[Images via: Pinterest and The Saguaro]

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