Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Coachella 2012 Week I.

I may have agreed with that statement that every girl at Coachella looks like Pocahontas went to burning man at one point, but that is in the past! At the desert fest this year the ladies took it to a whole other level. Okay, so there were plenty of "vintage" Levi distressed shorts and crochet dresses, but there were a defining few who were dressed a cut above the rest (pun completely intended.) Case in point Dree Hemingway in those totally trashy chic (is that even allowed to be in the same sentence?!) knee-highs or the plethora of Isabel Marant Willow slash Bekket slash Perkins slash whatever the eff they're called now sneakers spotted on every It Girl's feet. And you know this wouldn't be a Coachella post without a mention of Miss Kate Bosworth (the queen of music festival style) rocking some seriously high hemlines. File as so much more chic. 

[Images via:,, Refinery 29]

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