Tuesday, June 19, 2012

ApartmentPhile: My Next Place Option II.

Back to decor inspiration for my next place (still pending obviously as I'm doing this here virtually and not for realsies.) This approach (check out my first option by clicking here) is one that I'm much more accustomed to when it comes to getting dressed each day. Internally, it happens a little like this...

"...Love leopard. Oooh, but maybe one animal print in one outfit isn't enough? That fringed leather mini-skirt looks so maj with the prints. Now what about adding a floral print to this? Well wait, you can't have leopard print without adding a Missoni zig-zag stripe. Okay, time to add the bracelets, but one is just not enough. Four it is. Oh, and that ring is super cute, must wear that one...and the other one stacked with it since they both look so good together. Geez, now I need a shoe that doesn't have an animal print on it..."

Blame it on my desire to impress at my job or just my general obsession with all things style-related, but I have been straying very far from my more classic look of years past (exempting of course that blue vinyl vest and matching skirt in 4th grade...) But I digress! This possible look for my next (still undetermined) tiny-ass apartment is all about layering it on, much like I do each morning, but the real question is- do I want to style my place how I style myself on my craziest days or my most mellow days? File under conundrum.

[Images via: All over on Pinterest, exact links to follow]



  1. Neat post and love your blog... would you like to follow each other!

    My Lyfe ; My Story


  2. so nice! Beautiful blog and amazing photos:X



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