Saturday, January 21, 2012

Oh, Berkeley.

For those who have never heard of the little college town Berkeley, there is only one word that can describe it- quirky. My home for the past two or so years, I've come to love all the idiosyncratic quirks that make Berkeley exactly what it is. Just walking down the street in the morning, there is never a moment where something exciting, hilarious or just plain strange is happening. My dear friend says it best with her blog titled Oh, Berkeley. For my ode, I thought no better way than to dedicate a travel post to my previous home, "Bezerkeley." Keep reading after the jump to see my perfect day and file as out there.

  • Breakfast: Bagel Street Cafe on Oxford and Center. Get the nova lox and be prepared to become very happy very quickly.
  • Walk around the University of California-Berkeley campus, one of the most beautiful campus's in the country (if I don't say so myself.) The eucalyptus grove, red woods, around thirty libraries (really) and some pretty good museums should keep you busy for a good portion of the morning.
  • Hunting for out-of-print and unique books at Pegasus and hang around with the two store cats Murphy and Bean. My friend once found a Star Wars field test book that for wannabe Jedis...I've had my eye on a Pucci coffee table book for about two years now.
  • Lunch: Top Dog, Sandwich Zone or Cheeseboard. All excellent choices, two of which I live above or extremely close to. If hot dogs are your thing, get a gourmet dog (for vegetarians too!) at Top Dog. At the sandwich zone there is nothing better than the Dagwood with extra onions and mustard on sliced sourdough (duh.) And as for Cheeseboard, you only get once choice, always vegetarian and always amazing. 
  • Catch a movie at one of the three theaters on Shattuck Ave. (all within a block of one another.) One plays flashbacks, the other has leather couches to lounge on and another has an actual person that comes out and plays a little audience trivia before the movies. Take your pick.
  • Dinner: Gather, Venus or T-Rex. Gather for foodies, Venus for a date (my go-to spot) or T-Rex for some serious barbecue. All three rely on locally sourced organic ingredients (the norm in Berkeley.)
  • Dessert: Two words dollar scoop (John's on Shattuck and Allston.) Life doesn't get any better than this.
  • Ashkenaz for cheap beer and interesting music. There's always something going on here whether it's jazz night, a metal band or zydeco. 
  • Drinks and billiards at the "no name bar." There's no name on the door, just a big ol' neon martini glass which will lead you to pool-hall heaven. Next to Pegasus books on Shattuck and Durant.

[Images via: me!]

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