Friday, July 29, 2011

It Girl: Main Man Repeller.

This week is It Girl: Blogger Edition. May I introduce to you Leandra Medine, chief blogger (I’m loving that term, can I put that on my resume?) over at The Man Repeller. She may the craziest of the bloggers out there, and by crazy I mean genius. Like any mad scientist, she can concoct the most amazingly original, completely cool and ridiculously funky outfits that you never would have dreamed of wearing (or imagined that you could even get away with.) Through all her terms of endearment, maniacal like typing and over the top outfits though, her message rings clear (even if she doesn’t spell it out exactly): you put your clothes on in the morning, and it should be done for no one else but yourself. Mostly though, in a sea of copycats, she makes the fashion blogsphere just a little bit more interesting, and that is exactly why she is the It Girl for the week. Check out even more of Leandra on her blog The Man Repeller and file as too fabulous.

[All images via: The Man Repeller

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