Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Valentino Couture Fall 2011.

From the moment that Pier Paolo Piccioli said "We want to get people in our dream. For 10 minutes, you are in our dream" it was obvious that this Valentino couture collection was a fairytale fit for any princess, specifically those inspired by the Russian aristocracy who arrived in Paris in the 1920s and eventually became the muses of artists there. Although this is quite the tale to spin for a collection, it provided a perfect backdrop for a new kind of luxury (which Valentino is all about now) complete with lace, velvet and a detail to embroidery that hasn't been shown since the days of Mr. Valentino himself. I can't imagine a better direction for the ultimate in luxury brands- acknowledging the past while creating a new future for itself. File under dreaming on.

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