Monday, July 18, 2011

Hot Mess Monday.

I am feeling a hot mess today, probably because I have a thousand things running through my head right now for the upcoming week. But still, I am trying to focus my energy into more productive pursuits especially those that don't involve me staring into my closet for hours on end. With my road trip to Los Angeles last weekend and my pending Las Vegas flight this weekend, I realized this morning that I've barely unpacked my suitcase and I'm already starting to repack. Nonetheless I am going to attempt to bring to you some fabulous posts this week. Stay tuned for a fabulous destination post after the weekend, a wrap up on the couture collections, a home decor idea that I'm drooling over and maybe a little party piece thrown in for good measure in a few days. Hope everyone has a more productive Monday than myself! File under coffee break time.

[Image via: Fashion Gone Rogue]

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