Monday, September 26, 2011

Seeing Double MFW Spring 2012.

If there were one word to describe my sense of style it would probably be eclectic. Even though I may be uber-decisive in the non-fashion word (my response time can be google-fast) when it comes to my own closet I find that my looks can seriously be all over the place. Bohemian luxe with my midi-length t-shirt dress, snakeskin boots and vegan leather faux shearling vest? LOVE. Laid-back glam in my sequined pencil skirt paired with my black bustier and a denim jacket (Abercrombie, circa 8th grade, mind you?) OBSESSED. French cuffed chinos with my fav worn in tee, Missoni cardigan and leopard pointy toe flats? ON THE REG. I think you get the point, mostly that I am a fashion junkie and haven’t met a style I couldn’t learn to love. So next time you’re asking yourself, this or that? Both, I say! Man, I wish all decisions could be this easy. File as have it all.

[Images via: Tommy Ton for, Harper's Bazaar,, Phil Oh for]

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