Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Thakoon Spring 2012.

One thing that I can't seem to get enough of about Thakoon is his ability to surprise us again and again  with combinations of influences that would leave most bemused. Last season it was Versailles and Kenya's Masai tribe, and this time around it was cowgirls and Indians (albeit of the Bollywood sort.) Interestingly enough, it all began with the classic bandana where the wunderkind found himself gravitating towards those same paisley's found in Indian textiles. The Indian reference revealed itself again in the multicolored powdered hair, referencing the Holi festival where the triumph of good over evil is reveled. I know his collection may seem a little kooky, totally camp and kinda overwhelming all at once, but I just can't help but find myself totally charmed by it. File as one and only.

[Images via: Style.com]

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