Sunday, October 16, 2011

Eats: Brussels Sprouts.

Brussels sprouts (yes, that's a correct spelling) can be quite the hard sell. For some reason I think we all hated them as children. Overcooked, mushy and kinda smelly, the brussels sprouts of yesteryear were none too appetizing. But here my friends, is a recipe for sprouts that is sure to get you uber-excited about this most-hated side dish. Although I normally make mine the simple way (with loads of sea salt, fresh ground pepper and olive oil- roasted until they are browned and crispy) this recipe (with bacon I might add) makes them just a little bit more fancy than your average sprout. Try them as a side with an easy roasted chicken, grilled New York steak, classic lasagna (as I did at my graduation party) or with a sauteed piece of fish; (you get the point) these sprouts are seriously a delicious accompaniment to any dinner. Keep reading for the full recipe and file as noms.

  • As many brussels sprouts as you want (eyeball about one handful per serving or person, the tighter the leaves are bunched together the better)
  • Applewood smoked bacon, the good stuff (use two slices per serving or person)
  • Enough extra virgin olive oil to drown those sprouts
  • Sea salt and fresh ground pepper

  • Preheat your over to 425 degrees. Line a heavy rimmed baking sheet with aluminum foil for easy cleanup. 
  • Cut the tough bottom root off the sprouts (just the very bottom) and slice lengthwise (so the leaves will stay together...see the picture above.) Discard any leaves that look brown or sad.
  • In a large bowl, mix the sprouts with a pinch of salt, lots of black pepper and the olive oil (use just enough to coat the sprouts.) Place them on the pan with the cut side down. Wait until the over is pre-heated all the way to bake em until they're golden crispy. Time depends on how many you're baking, no more than 15 minutes for a big serving. Just keep a close eye on em, these suckers cook fast.
  • While they're baking, crisp up you bacon in a saute pan (no oil needed), remove from the pan to drain and cut the strips into a rough dice. Set aside in large serving bowl.
  • When the sprouts are golden delicious, remove them from the oven, and mix them in the serving bowl with the chopped, cooked bacon. Enjoy!

[Image via: Pinterest, recipe via me, Margaret Murrieta]

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