Monday, October 17, 2011

Givenchy Spring 2012.

Surfers and mermaids were the two reference points for Givenchy’s Ricardo Tisci’s spring collection, but you probably wouldn’t have guessed these two lest for the designer’s admission. Ok, so maybe the extra large (great white maybe?) shark’s teeth dangling from the models necks was a bit of a giveaway, or perhaps the fish scale sequins stitched onto the undulating ruffles of a jacket might have tipped off something fishy (ah-ha!) But all bad puns aside, this collection was by-far the chicest and most wearable oceanic inspired one of the bunch. It wasn’t so unreachable as Chanel, overtly sexy like Versace or strictly avant-garde like Alexander McQueen, but it was a quiet elegance that was totally cool. It was from Tisci’s runway that a woman (surfer or not) could quite literally pluck any look from the bunch and look instantly chicer in any city in the world. And what more could a woman want from a designer than that? File as perfection.

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