Monday, August 15, 2011

Open Sesame.

I am just happy as a clam today. I don't know if it was the afternoon breakfast with two girlfriends, the early morning wakeup call from my newly engaged friend or the lovely mini (window) shopping trip in Berkeley, but I am feeling quite content with this Monday (strange I know.) Even though most Mondays are spent in the classroom or frantically studying for my next test, I am now officially graduated and on the job hunt! So what better way to honor this next chapter in my life than with these gorgeous painted doors. I won't rehash that old metaphor here because I'm pretty sure we've all heard the door one, but just because this new door is opening, doesn't mean it can't be a fantastically painted one at that. File as moving forward.

[Images via: Domino, Elle Decor, House Beautiful all via Apartment TherapyPinterest, Pinterest]

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