Saturday, August 27, 2011

Edited: Drama Queen.

If there were any editorial to represent my mood these past few days it would be this one- doleful, dramatic, romantic and trepidatious- all rolled into one little five foot four being, or here into one perfectly styled i-D spread featuring none other than the beguiling emotive supermodel, Raquel Zimmermann. Chock it up to my recent transition from student to unemployed or from attached to single, but I promise you all that I will be back to my normal mood by Monday to bring you some fabulous posts that will hopefully inspire you to make a change in your life, be it in your style routine (like yours truly), updating your home decor (work in progress always), a quick getaway to a new place (stay tuned) or just stopping to appreciate all the beauty in your life. File as weekend love!

[Images via: Fashion Gone Rogue]


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