Sunday, February 26, 2012

Marc Jacobs Fall 2012.

I'm feeling a little loopy lately. I don't know if it's the early drive home from San Francisco after a fun-filled last week of vacation (new job starts tomorrow), spending the day cramped in the closet organizing all my new work clothes (oh, Forever 21) or how anxious I am to be working for one of my favorite brands (in the Forever 21 marketing department, of course) but my new obsession with the Marc Jacobs collection for fall must be symptomatic from all the craziness that is happening around me right now. Take one hat from a certain 90's pop sensation (remember Jamiroquai kiddies?) one kohl-rimmed eye (well OK, two) of Marchesa Casati, one artist (Rachel Feinstein) to create the perfectly dilapidated set, shoes better set for one seriously fabulous pilgrim, and a whole lot of eccentric embellishments and you have yourself the kookiest (and probably least wearable) Marc collection to date. The best part, other than the clothes obviously, was the tune that played while the models sashayed down the set- "Who Will Buy?" File as so ironic/crazy/awesome.

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