Monday, February 6, 2012

Marry the Night.

As a girl who has a serious problem with overspending on fabulous dresses, I can always appreciate a source for champagne fashion on a beer budget. (Blame that reference on the Super Bowl.) So, when I was reading my email the other day and saw New for the Night (full site launches later this month) in my inbox calling out to me like a beacon, I have to admit I was rather ecstatic. The perfect place to find your next party dress, this Houston-based retailer (hometown shout out) allows you to rent a dress for a basic period of three days (more will cost ya) giving fashionistas the opportunity to avoid repeating those swanky dresses at special occasions. Because let's face it- why have just one dress when you could borrow a whole closet full? File as multiple wardrobe changes.

[Images via: New for the Night]

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