Monday, August 29, 2011

Coveting: Snake Charmer.

Of all the trends I've witnessed this fall, there is none that I am more excited for than colored snakeskin. Don't get me wrong- I've always been a fan of snakeskin among others (PETA be damned) but this season I am completely charmed by brightly colored snakeskin, particularly in the form of accessories. Take for example the Zara shoes I was not-so-delighted to realize that the San Francisco store does not have in my size, the Miu Miu bag featured in Vogue Daily a few weeks ago or the Marc Jacobs bangles that would so love to join any arm party. I am definitely coveting each and every one of these items. Whether shown on the runway at Gucci or Prada, or underneath the arm of a style maven such as Ashley Olsen, I cannot stop dreaming about these brights. File under obsession

[Images via: x3, Tommy Ton, Pinterest, Zara, Vogue]

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