Tuesday, August 16, 2011

It Girl: Kate Lanphear.

Kate may just be the name of the moment, but today there is one more style-setting Kate to add to the list. This Kate is the Senior Style Editor at US Elle but held positions at Vogue Australia and Harper's Bazaar (in both Australia and the US) before landing the coveted Elle position. One thing that I can't get enough of is how true to her own style this Kate is- edgy, androgynous and punk with touches of glamour (take those Christian Louboutin fringe booties or those little skirts she rocks.) Rarely photographed in a color other than black, white or grey, this It Girl just goes to show that you don't mess with a good thing. Fear her, you should. File under hardcore.

[Images via: The Sartorialist, Pinterest, Google, Fear Lanphear, Kate on Facebook, WikiFashion]

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