Friday, August 19, 2011

She does.

To make up for my lack of party posts lately (I have been cooped up studying and job hunting instead of dreaming up lavish parties) I figured that I would go all-out for this weekend and give you a party post to drool over for the next few days. Well, maybe it's not the party that I would imagine for myself, but this one is especially for my newly engaged friend over at Alison Reid Style. She has been sending me ideas over non-stop (she makes planning so much more fun than it ever should be) and I thought no better way to help her out a touch than by making up an inspiration board just for her. Keep reading after the jump for more details! File as no bridezilla here.

  • The inspiration: The decadence of one of Gatsby's grand parties on the lawn
  • The setting: Private house with surrounding rose gardens, late afternoon into night with lights strung in the trees and candles on the tables
  • The attire: Black-tie (tux without tails and long dresses) with just a touch of 1920s elegance
  • The colors: Light pink, gold and white in a backdrop of green garden loveliness 
  • The flowers: Peonies, hydrangeas and tons of roses
  • The food: Multiple buffet style with signature cocktail like The Honey Badger
  • The reception: A jazz band, dancing until dawn and never-ending champagne

[Images via: tree with aisle via Pinterest, movie still via Google, wedding dress via Pinterest, jewelry via Pinterest, bridesmaids via unknown source, bouquet via Pinterest, shoes via Pinterest, party decor via Pinterest, quote via IMDB, table setting via Pinterest, buffet via Pinterest, signature drink via Pinterest, cake via Pinterest, party via Pinterest]


  1. AHHHHHH!!! Oh my gosh, I am completely blown away and in love!!! This is simply divine and I love how you took what I was envisioning and manifested it into this perfect inspiration board. I cannot wait to plan more of the festivities with you!!!! Much love, xo

  2. Only the best for you! Can't wait to help wherever you need it! XO.


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