Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Light Seating.

I'm not sure what has drawn me so much lately to these lightly colored chairs. I've never been a huge fan of pastels mostly because I think they can be a bit too sweet. Toothaches aside, I am finding these light additions totally grown-up with a feminine and cute twist especially when paired with more rustic elements like a farmhouse table, cowhide rug or cement floor. Maybe I can find a way to work this into my dream house (imaginary for now of course.) I'm especially obsessing over the light blue Wishbone Chair. Must have...anyone know of a knockoff version? File under sweet tooth.

[Images via: Vogue & PinterestPinterest & Re-nestPinterest & Apartment, Pinterest & The Design Files]


  1. Love, love love!!! My fave is the mint green shirt and chairs. xo

  2. I totally did this post for you! I know how much you love soft colors. You are slowly bringing me over to the softer side!

  3. Hello Margaret:
    Like you, we tend to veer towards stronger colours and away from those which verge on the 'pretty pretty'. That said, these chairs in their soft hues are very summery.

  4. Jane and Lance:

    You are very right; these chairs definitely seem seasonal to me. Your 'pretty pretty' comment also reminded me of a childhood game I loved called 'pretty pretty princess' in which the object of the game was to adorn yourself with as many jewels as possible...all in pastels of course! For me, saturated jewel tones will always be more intriguing! Thanks for the comment!


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