Tuesday, June 14, 2011

It Girl: LSD.

No, the 60s are not back. LSD stands for one thing only on the.margaret.files. and one thing only- the eternally cool It Girl otherwise known as Lauren Santo Domingo. Her resume includes an undergraduate degree from USC (University of Southern California, not spoiled children), chair to many of New York's hottest society events, founder of Trunk Show Inc. (a venture aimed at getting looks straight off the runway to the wealthy few who can afford them), had her high profile wedding featured in Vogue (hello), edits the online APT with LSD for Vogue.com (sharing some of the most fashionable apartments out there) and ok, you get the point. This girl wears many hats, or rather many dresses and looks fabulous while doing it all making her the It Girl of the week. File this one as city chick.

[Images via: Tommy TonGoogle, Style.com]


  1. Hello Margaret:
    We are afraid to say that Lauren Santo Domingo has not come into our sphere of consciousness on this side of the Atlantic yet. But, surely, it is only a question of time.

    From what you show here, she certainly seems to be a woman of many parts and looks and seems unafraid to develop a unique and personal style.

  2. So happy I could share her style file with you!


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