Friday, June 3, 2011

Weekend Time.

Are there any words necessary for this picture? I mean, really. Just look at how happy those two look! I think it might be the most perfect picture to get everyone in the weekend spirit because even if you have no plans (like yours truly) at least you can enjoy something as simple as a little wind in your hair. Stay tuned later today for a brand new post titled Party Girl, that is sure to get you in the party mood and tomorrow for the recipe of my absolute favorite dessert as well as an editorial that might just be my favorite yet. Hope everyone has a lovely weekend! File under smile.

[Image via: Bayan Jargal]


  1. I can't help but smile every time I look at it! :-)

  2. Hello:
    Now, how could we resist a picture like this one, particularly when posted by a party girl such as yourself? The answer is, we could not! And so here we are, having arrived via Leo and Bill at Goose Vintage! And we do not doubt that Mr. and Mrs. Middleton who have made parties, as well as royalty, their life's work will be on to you at any moment.

    But, before they do, we are at one with you, particularly when it comes to anything which may be considered stylish in the way of a party.

  3. Thank you for stopping by! I hope you enjoy what you discover here; I've already taken a quick browse over Hattatt and you two seem to be living my ultimate dream!


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