Friday, June 3, 2011

Party Girl: Ladies Night.

If there is one label that I have alway detested it would be that of party girl. I consider myself to be one, but definitely not in the negative context that most people associate with those words. I love a good party- lush flowers, party dresses, whimsical decor, delicious food, and a dramatic table setting are all at parties that I adore. I mean, sometimes there is nothing better than sitting around the television with some beer, take-out pizza and good company; but why not go all out every once in a while? So with this brand new series Party Girl, I'd like to share with you the kind of party girl that I am. Check out all this party's details after the jump and click on the picture for a much larger one. Oh and please, no keg-stands. File under celebrate.

  • The party: A decadent ladies night
  • The invite: Find a vintage magazine cover, make it personal and send it via evite to all your fabulous girlfriends
  • The place: In the formal dining room, of course
  • The table: Decorate with a festive tablecloth, muted flowers and pops of purple, red and gold, gold, gold (never enough). Don't forget the sparkles! 
  • The food: Contrast the formal atmosphere with rustic stick-to-your bones food; try a spring salad with mixed vegetables, roasted Cornish game hens and macaroons with champagne as the easiest dessert ever.
  • What to wear: Fun and camp dresses; get inspired from Louis Vuitton's fall 2009 runway (one of my all time favorites ever)
  • Just for fun: Fill (emptied and cleaned) eggshells with gold glitter and go crazy smashing them on each other

[Images via: top row- This is not new, Life Magazine Cover 1928; second row- Boise Food Guild, Lonny, The Knotty Bride; third row- Pinterest, Littlelovely.typepad; bottom row- {a glamorous little side project}, Peacock Wedding,, Lonny]


  1. OBSESSED! You are so talented lady!!! This has to be one of my fave posts that you've done. No joke. Thanks for brightening my day with this gorgeous and creative board of inspiration! Happy weekend, xo

  2. Thank you!! ...already thinking about the party I want to plan for you next! ;-)


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