Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Closet Envy.

Every time I move into a new apartment the deal breaker usually comes down to what may be the least square footage in the place, but to me is the most important room, that is the closet. Although I tend to live in apartments that are about as large as a shoebox themselves, my closets have been rather oversized. Turns out that I seem to be able to smell a walk-in closet from a mile away. Friends will always enter my apartment saying how cute and charming it is (euphemisms for girlish and cramped) and be completely gawking by the time they reach the inner sanctum of the closet. I’ve had double mirrored sliding doors across from each other (that one was actually rather sad looking), a 6x6 square that was doubly as tall, and closet large enough to fit a queen bed and then some, another large square with a window in it and now a ten foot one that I can barely fit in by hugging the wall. And these are all in studios and a one-bedroom (if you could even call it that) mind you. Alas, I am still envious of those women who have closets that rival any major department store, which are perfectly organized and filled to the brim with shoes, of course. Once I stop renting I know the first home project that will most certainly take place in my new place. File under jealous.

[Images via: The Coveteur, Elle Decor, Apartment Therapy, Lonny]

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