Tuesday, March 15, 2011


If there is one look that I wish I were brave enough to try in my home it would be a feminine luxurious ski lodge. Now I know this might sound like some awful cringe-worthy themed room but dissecting this style makes it all the more easy to translate into both the home and runway. Take for instance Vera Wang's Fall 2011 collection which combined dresses and skirts in wispy sheer fabrics paired with thick booties, tons of fur and deconstructed leather jackets among many layers. Putting this into the context of home decor this would mean winter white couches, sturdy dark wood and accents, fur pillows, leather skin rugs and a hint of the outdoors with antlers galore (call me crazy, one of my current obsessions for the home). Although I may not be brave enough to try this look at home, taking it to the streets will be a much more achievable endeavor making this translation from home to runway totally seamless. File as ski chic. 

[Images Via: Style.com, LonnyMag]

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