Thursday, March 3, 2011

Office Space.

There are some days when I really just want to smash my printer with a baseball bat, and although I thought today would be one of those days (first midterm of the year and return of first paper) it somehow managed to all go smoothly. Not that I still wouldn't have enjoyed smashing my printer anyways; it is broken. Regardless, the workspace is something that I've always struggled with in terms of placement. I can't stand to put it anywhere close to my bed. All those unread books and unwritten papers stacked on top of it give me nightmares, and due to the fact that I am spatially challenged (see here) that would mean putting it in my closet, which let's face it, my clothes would not allow. My current solution is a $20 table (not joking plus two sawhorses) that doubles as a desk and dining table looking out over my bay window. One day I'm sure I'll have a workspace as fabulous as one of these but until I make that commitment, at the dining table is where I'll be. Alas, the printer is still living in my closet until I get a new one, in which case I will happily take my old one out to practice my swing.

[Images Via: Elle Decor x2, Lonny Mag, Elle Decor, Apartment Therapy]

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  1. LOVE THIS POST! Haha and I started cracking up about hitting the printer with a baseball bat. I can definitely relate. What gorgeous pictures filled with inspiration...*Sigh* one day I will have a fabulous office like one of these to call my own...xo Alison


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