Monday, March 28, 2011

How Low Can you Go?

First things first, I haven’t had my bed close to the ground since I was ten and that was only because we had just moved and hadn’t purchased a frame for me right upon move-in. Secondly, seeing an Oprah Winfrey episode while in high school about the disgusting dust mite continues to haunt me to this day. Thirdly, mattresses on the floor don’t usually scream glamour to me, especially when found in houses of the even less glamorous. All in all, there are a few pressing reasons why I was extremely hesitant to even begin thinking about putting my bed anywhere close to the floor. But with an open mind, I think I might be ready to go a bit lower with my bed. The look can be a bit bohemian and even serene, and would make even the shortest of ceilings seem cavernous. Perhaps with some new cleaning supplies, some gorgeous bedding and grown-up accessories could my bed get low, if not just by a bit.

[Images via: Apartment Therapy]

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