Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Ultimate Destination: Australia.

The two words luxury and wilderness don’t usually seem to fit together; however at Longitute 131, the resort seems to do the impossible by creating harmony between these two seemingly opposite words. With Ayers Rock as your main viewpoint from your private tent (if you could even call them tents; they are definitely worthy of the term “glamping”) there are all sorts of outdoor activities to partake in. But in fact, the resort could be seen as a microcosm of Australia itself: in some areas extremely rural where you can see every star in the sky and in other very metropolitan (the Sydney Opera House anyone) where shopping is the choice of recreational sports. G’day Australia. Check out after the jump for the ultimate outfit along with a few tips for this vacation. File under pure magic. 

  • What: Longitude 131 5-Star Luxury Campsite
  • Where: At the edge of Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park, Northern Territory
  • What's Included: Personal constellation guide, private tent with luxury accommodations, unlimited outdoor adventures, spiritual serenity classes and 24 hour concierge
  • How Much: Starting at $1,353 per night with minimum three night stay 

  • What to Pack: Tons of sunscreen, your largest hat, sturdy hiking boots, yoga mat, all neutrals (to reflect your calm state of being), sunglasses
  • Favorite Australian Actors: Nicole Kidman, Hugh Jackman, Cate Blanchett, Russel Crowe
  • The Lingo:
    • Don't lose your knickers in the dunny. = Be careful using the outside restroom. 
    • She's a beaut. = She is one cool chick.
    • The Barbie's hot! = The barbecue is ready for the shrimp.
    • Don't get yourself in a bingle. = Be careful not to total your car on the way from the airport.
    • Get your hands off my butcher! = Don't touch my lady beer.
    •  Can I borrow a franger from you? = That person is about to get lucky. 
    • My freckle is itching like mad today. = Give that man some Preparation H. 
    • His strides are mighty fine. = He has nice pants. 
    • Those sheepshaggers are all shark buscuits. = New Zealanders are poor surfers. 

The Ultimate Outfit

Top: Gucci macrame woven leather and silk top
Skirt: Alice by Temperley Camille leather mini skirt
Shoes: Giambattista Valli metal-cuffed leather and twill sandals
Necklace: Versace 24-karat gold-plated embellished chain necklace
Bag: Simone Camille carryall embroidered cotton bag

[Images via: National Geographic, Longitude 131, translations from Australian slang dictionary, Net-a-porter]

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