Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Beware the Ides of March.

In honor of the Ides of March, that is the day on which Julius Caesar was assassinated, I wanted to pay tribute in the most fashionable way to the one Roman emperor everyone seems to remember by sharing a few of my favorite pictures from my trip to Rome (after the jump). The city feels as magnificent and truly magnetic as it was so long ago and I can't help but wish that I could have lived there for  even just one more month. File this one as dream on.

One of the many fabulous palazzo's on Via Vittorio Emmanuelle.

Where Caesar was murdered is now covered by the bustling piazza 
Campo di Fiori as well as a cat sanctuary, which I pleasantly found 
out when my bus was late one day.

I am obsessed with Italian Fiats. So compact and perfect.

This one I took while taking a much needed gelato break 
from my three hour Italian classes. This woman would come 
out to play with her dogs at the same time every day. One of them 
even finished my gelato for me once.

The Pantheon. No words needed.

A little fresco of an angel at Pompeii. 

I was obsessed with the patterns of the cobblestones in Rome.

A church right near the Campidoglio and the mayor's office, where all 
future spouses have to post their names for three weeks before 
they decide to get married in case anyone should object.

[Images via: My File- taken by myself]

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