Thursday, March 17, 2011

Hello Spring Break.

I am in complete relief that spring break has begun. I'm not sure how I got all this schoolwork done in the last few weeks without becoming a total hermit. So in celebration of this momentous occasion (realistically this will be my last official spring break as I'll be graduating in the summer) I felt obligated to dedicate this week to all things travel, exploration and inspiration. So for the next ten days I'll be taking the.margaret.files around the world, well figuratively since I am living on a rather constrained budget, and I'll be posting on the most fabulous destinations on each continent along with some breathtaking travel-related art. Also, you can look forward to homes from around the world and fashion for any vacation whether close to home or far-out. I know I'll be imagining myself in one of these insane places this week and hoping that I just might feel a little a hint of inspiration, as I hope you do too. 

[Image via: My File]

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