Wednesday, March 9, 2011

SOS Answered.

To my dear friend over at Alison Reid Style, who most recently posted about her increasing boredom with her bedroom decor, your SOS has been answered. I always love a good home decor or fashion emergency being that I constantly face the same issues of updating my own space, on a budget no less. So here, I've searched my files for what I believe is the perfect Alison Reid Style. Starting with a base of a serene sky blue layered with differing shades of green and maybe an extra pop of red combined with traditional and vintage pieces would create a room that is just right.  Check out my breakdown of each of the budget friendly items after the jump. File this under love.

  • Bed- Beginning with the most important item in the room, I'm loving the idea of updating the bed with layered blankets in different textures atop a patterned but colored bedspread. That headboard is fabulous, but maybe consider a modern canopy bed as another option. Add huge patterned European shams (so much better than our American counterparts) and you'll have yourself a little sanctuary. 
  • Storage- Clearly, my feelings about the Expedit are obvious (truly, madly, deeply), and I think you should keep it right where it is but add some visual interest to it by filling it with those wicker baskets along with some wire ones on the top shelf. (I'm sensing another flea market trip in the future.) Top it with one fabulous lamp in front of an extra large vintage poster leaning against the wall and call it a day. And for a bonus: round pedestal tables on either side of the bed to soften up the angles of the Expedit.
  • Walls- Instead of painting the walls grey, which quite honestly will leave you feeling like you're constantly in a raincloud; I would suggest keeping them white. Not only will it save you the agony of painting but will provide a clean palette to decorate on.
  • Windows- One word, curtains. Cover the entire wall behind your bed with them, floor to ceiling.
  • Decor Items- Here is where you can have fun playing around with accent colors, but taking the colors from that vintage poster I'd definitely pick the kelly green you had in mind and even a little muted red. And for a splurge: something to rest your toes on in front of the bed and tie it all together.  

[Images via: In Style, My Files]

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  1. OMG, I AM DYING RIGHT NOW WITH EXCITEMENT! You are truly amazing & are seriously my style/decor/fashion hero. Like, really, you are fabulous. First off, that patterned duvet is perfect and I am LOVING that canopy bed (and the price is crazy)!!! You are so right--that would completely transform my room. Curtains are a MUST and I love your idea about covering the entire wall behind my bed. Genius. I love everything else you picked out as well (poster, lamp, throws). You are truly a gem & thank you for taking the time to hunt for these amazing finds! Love love love! xoxo


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