Wednesday, March 30, 2011

For the Gentlemen.

When it comes to gentlemen on the.margaret.files., I would say that they don’t exactly get quite as much attention as the ladies. But being honest, most of the guys in my life probably couldn’t even spell the word fashion let alone style. Shopping for them is like an episode of Supermarket Sweep albeit much more painful to watch. This translates into looks that are boring, tiresome and straight from the playbook. Some of the worst offenses I’ve witnessed are a white shirt underneath a black button down, steel-toe boots during all hours, super-light ill-fitting Levi denim and baseball caps as a go-to accessory. Nevertheless, I'd like to think that there is hope for all guys. Sometimes it just takes a certain girl to lead them along the right pathway, one that is filled with fashion and maybe even a little style. Check out after the jump for some basic tips for the guys. File under never-ending project.

Tips for the classic dude:
  • Keep it simple; no one wants to see a guy in a patterned shirt or hot pink pants.
  • JCrew has the rugged/preppy/vintage man down pat. Look at their catalog for easy to copy looks.
  • Make sure everything fits well and for the love of god, wash items properly.
  • Absolutely nothing is sexier on a man than a well-fitting black suit (skinny-tie optional). Think James Bond.
  • Invest in some great boots/shoes in a dark neutral to ground every look.
  • Keep accessories minimal and unfussy; all that it needed is a great watch and a pair of classic shades (worn during the daytime, not at night please).
  • Every guy’s butt looks instantly better in straight-leg darker denim and they do wonders for elongating legs. Invest wisely. 

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