Tuesday, April 5, 2011

The Details.

After spending the last few days having entirely too much fun with old friends, I have to admit that I was none too pleased to return to the grind (of school, finding a job and deciding my future…not as much fun as one would imagine). So with the new week in full swing and my case of the Mondays slowly fading like a bad hangover I searched my files to find something that would give me a little boost into Tuesday. So as to no surprise, with an art history essay deadline looming, I found myself drawn to shots that focus on the details of an entire ensemble, if you must. Maybe it’s because of the thorough outline I’m concocting about Roman mummy portraiture in Egyptian art (don’t ask) or the fact that I am totally obsessed with the little details of any look. But hey, isn’t it the little things that matter the most? File under mixing it up.

[Images via: Garance Dore, Tommy Ton]

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