Saturday, April 23, 2011

The Great Debate: Hanging Art.

When it comes to hanging art, I find myself torn every time I start to hammer the nail into the wall. Being that I am of limited income, I have a huge collection of prints and canvases that are relatively small scaled and not a whole lot of larger pieces. Still though, I always struggle with committing to a gallery wall or singular statement piece especially when it comes to the living and dining room. Right now, I have a combination of the two styles in my home, and although I thought I would favor a massive piece to hang above my sofa (in the future once I have some money to blow), after seeing the statement piece in the dining room above and the gallery in the living room I am completely sold. File under surprised myself.

[Images via: Apartment Therapy, Elle Decor, Coco+Kelly]


  1. So true! I am constantly wanting to do a gallery in my living room, but can NEVER commit. I think that a large piece like the one in that dining room would look FAB in your appt. Just sayin. xo

  2. I'm just loving that people are hanging art at all nowadays, and finding inspiration everywhere - whether big statement pieces, or salon style collections.

    I kid you not: I grew up in a house with dogs playing poker on black velvet - almost anything is an improvement. Thanks for weighing in!

  3. Alison- Waiting for a restock on the Chaize's pieces on and possibly an actual dining room to hang it in!

    Goose Vintage- At least you had some artwork on the walls growing up. I had parents who were minimalist to the extreme...and not in the stylish sense!


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