Monday, April 11, 2011

Heaven Sent.

In an attempt to begin the week with a more relaxing attitude than what it currently is feeling like (hello deadlines) I figured that there would be no better way to feel more calm than by surrounding myself with easy, serene elements for the home. Let's just say that if I decorated my place like this, I would never want to get any work done. Instead I'd be too busy wondering when my next nap would be in that lovely all white bed. Although these places may seem a bit bland to some eyes, they definitely make up for a limited color palette with layered textures, innovative pieces (i.e. trashcan as a bedside table love) and that peculiar feeling of calmness. I think I could definitely use a dose of that right now. File as heavenly.

[Images via: Apartment Therapy, Lonny]

1 comment:

  1. LOVE each one of these rooms. They are absolutely soothing, heavenly and the details are to die for. *Sigh*


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