Thursday, April 21, 2011

Looking Up.

Although generally reserved for walls, paint has slowly been creeping up the to the ceiling and I for one am thrilled with this new trend in home decor. It's an unexpected touch versatile enough for any room in the house, and when paired with minimal decor elements, looks perfectly stylish and just a little avant-garde. It makes me wonder what color I'd want to look up, turquoise, or even cobalt, pink, maybe red. Looks like I have quite the paint decision for my future non-rented place. File as fun.

[Images via: Apartment Therapy]


  1. Love this. My brain is brimming with the possibilities of doing this in my appt! Ha Dave would lovvvve that a.k.a him helping me paint.

  2. :) It makes my neck hurt just thinking about doing this in your gigantic living room!


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