Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Think Turquoise.

If I was forced to choose my favorite color out of all the many possibilities, I think turquoise would be a very strong contender. I've gone through so many years loving any shade of pink (I did make my dad paint my bedroom two different shades of it) but now I find myself drawn to much more cool shades. Case in point my turquoise iPhone cover which I can't bring myself to throw away even though it has a massive crack down the back or the turquoise Forever 21 necklace that seems to go with all of my favorite outfits. Although I think a turquoise room might be overkill (trust me, I lived in one for six months) a little pop of turquoise a la a chandelier, painted door, purse or piece of jewelry is just right to add a little interest to any look, be it in the home or on the body. Check out my absolute favorite turquoise piece that I am completely obsessed with after the jump. File this one under feeling blue. 

I want it; I need it; I've got to have it

[Images via: Tommy Ton, Garance Dore, Coco Perez, Apartment Therapy]

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